The Lupher family began land surveying in Texas under the mentorship of "Willis Day" (W.D) Twichell, a registered Texas state land surveyor and survey director of the Texas General Land Office from 1900 to 1916. His son, Trigg Twichell, P.E., and close friend Alfred Barris Lupher, P.E, RPLS began their early survey and engineer careers working under the mentorship of W.D. Twichell, P.E., LSLS. The Twichells and Luphers surveyed on the world famous "XIT" Yellow Ranch in West Texas and New Mexico in the late 1800s. The Texas state plane coordinate system was introduced in Texas by Trigg Twichell, P.E.


The Lupher family continues this rich land surveying heritage as passed forward through six (6) family generations of Texas professional land surveyors and continues with the founders of Lupher, LLC firm,  Bob Lupher, RPLS, Texas Registration No. 4951 mentored under B.L. Lupher, P.E., RPLS and has 30+ years experience in Texas land surveying. Lee Lupher, RPLS, Texas Registration No. 5955 mentored under Trigg (named after Trigg Twichell) Lupher, RPLS and now has 10+ years experience in Texas land surveying.


W.D. Twichell  is well known for (1) use of cadastral surveying,  (2) defining Texas/New Mexico state border, (3) XIT Ranch boundaries and (4) served as survey director of Texas General Land Office for 16 years.


Trigg Twichell is well known for serving as (1) USC&GS State (Texas) Advisor, (2) serving as Regional Coordinator for USC&GS in Washington, DC., and (3) provided the leadership and coordinator in the Arkansas River Basin Water Rights Treaty between the states of Kansas and Arkansas.


Alfred Barris Lupher is well known for serving as (1) surveying on the "XIT" Yellow Ranch under the leadership of W.D. Twichell and Trigg Twichell, (2) city engineer/surveyor for the city of Wichita Falls, Texas, (3) On loan from TxDOT to U.S. National Parks to serve as engineer/surveyor for the design development and construction of Big Bend National Park and (4) served as TxDOT Amarillo District Lead Bridge Designer and later to TxDOT Austin Bridge Division until retirement.


Bill L. Lupher is well known for his work with (1) USC&GS on Colorado River Stream Gaging in upstream reaches of the Highland Lakes Project in the Texas Hill Country, (2) Tenure with the Texas Water Development Board in the initial creation of rural water districts throughout all of Texas, (3) President of American Engineering Company, a Houston area consulting, engineering and surveying company and (4) Mentor and Father to three (3) sons being Texas Registered Texas Professional Land Surveyors:


  • Trigg T. Lupher, RPLS
  • Mark W. Lupher, PE, RPLS
  • Robert A. Lupher, RPLS
Mark W. Lupher, P.E., RPLS is known for his surveying expertise while serving the U.S. Army during Vietnam War. He attended the U.S. Army's Survey and Mapping school located in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Lee Lupher, RPLS is Mark's second son.